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Our journey started in the generous lands of the Mediterranean, where tastes, cultures, and histories meet. Grandpa Dursun had a small bakery shop; dad still reminisces about the smell of the bread coming out of the old brick oven, and the customers smiling when they took the warm bread in their hands. Maybe that’s why, in our family, serving food is not just a business, it’s about spreading happiness.

With its authentic restaurant and good old-fashioned bakery&cafe,
 A Thousand Tales is the third generation in our family. It’s the newest member, yet it has the oldest history. It’s younger, yet more experienced. It’s a unique concept, yet some things have never changed: Find the best ingredients, work with good people, and welcome everyone as a guest, not a customer.

A Thousand Tales blends the colors of the Mediterranean. From the entrees to the desserts, from the aromas to the architecture, you will feel the timeless traditions, and maybe hear some old tales, if you listen carefully.

And we, just like our dad, love to see our guests’ joyful smiles. After all, isn’t that the point of telling a tale?